25 May 2011

Bougainville enthusiastic over Mister Pip filming

1:34 pm on 25 May 2011

Bougainvilleans are fully supportive of a film production, Mister Pip, that's about to get underway in Pidia, near Arawa in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

Leslie Itu works at the Bougainville Commerce Trade and Industry office in Buka, and says locals from all over are offering to support the production by donating what they can for the film set in Pidia.

He says locals from South Bougainville have collected hundreds of sago leaves for the roofs of houses, food, pigs and livestock, bush materials.

He says everyone recognises that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"The reaction here, the people in Bougainville, they are very, very, happy. The reaction, how I see it, it's the first time for this kind of things to happen in Bougainville, and for high profile people to come and shoot a movie in here, so the people here, they are really happy to be involved in that."

Bougainville Commerce Trade and Industry's Leslie Itu

The movie is based on the novel Mister Pip written by New Zealand author, Lloyd Jones, and set in 1991 during the ten year long Bougainville conflict.