25 May 2011

Supplies run out on American Samoa's Ta'u due to no ship service

11:11 am on 25 May 2011

In American Samoa, school buses on Ta'u island in Manu'a are having to borrow diesel from the power plant at Faleasao to keep operating as the fleet has run out of fuel.

There has been no boat trip to Manu'a for a month now after the government vessel, the MV Sili, broke down.

Manu'a High School counselor, Faleula Pe'a, says their school bus had to borrow diesel from the American Samoa Power Authority so it can transport students to and from school.

She says only a handful of cars still have gas left but the rest are not running because the island is out of gasoline.

Local stores have also run out of freezer goods and bottled water.

The Coast Guard was to inspect the MV Sili last Friday but the vessel was not ready.

Port Director Matagi Ray McMoore said yesterday that after the engine repairs were completed last week they found other problems which they had to fix.

Port Administration is pushing to have a sea trial today before the coast guard inspects the vessel.