25 May 2011

Health centre in CNMI will not be ready for Health department takeover

10:23 am on 25 May 2011

The mayor of Tinian in the Northern Marianas, Ramon Dela Cruz, says the Tinian Health Centre will not be ready for the October the 1st takeover by the Department of Public Health and this could harm the island's residents.

He says he has serious doubts that it will work.

Mr Dela Cruz says without the necessary funds to run all these facilities, there's no way it can be run efficiently.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation Act of 2008 calls for the creation of a healthcare corporation that will run the Commonwealth Health Centre on Saipan and the clinics on Rota and Tinian by October the 1st.

The move is intended to turn the Department of Public Health into an independent, self-sufficient agency.

At present, health centres on Tinian and Rota are operated by their respective municipalities.