23 May 2011

NGO warns Pacific to do more to protect declining tuna fishery

7:16 pm on 23 May 2011

The environmental NGO, Greenpeace, says Pacific countries must take heed of shifting international consumer demand for environmentally friendly tuna.

It says otherwise it risks losing its foothold in overseas tinned tuna markets.

Greenpeace's oceans campaigner, Duncan Williams, says consumers want environmentally friendly tuna, and if this demand isn't met the lucrative market could be lost.

Mr Williams says major retailers in Britain have committed not to take tuna from the four Pacific high seas pockets, including the open high seas areas that Parties to the Nauru Agreement have closed to purse seine fishing.

Greenpeace says tuna is running out in Pacific waters.

It says the region must prioritise sustainable management by closing additional high seas pockets to enable tuna stocks to recover from decades of overfishing.