23 May 2011

Jobs boost expected with Solomons industrial park

1:32 pm on 23 May 2011

A Solomon Islands fisheries official says a proposed marine and industrial park complex could bring thousands of jobs and other benefits to local people.

The Solomon Islands government is considering the feasibility of the project which would largely be funded with $120 million dollars from South Korean investors.

Solomon Islands Fisheries Ministry investment coordinator Louisa Hodge-Kopa says currently distant-water fishing nations often fish in the region under bilateral access arrangements and then leave.

But she says the park complex would bring value to the country through onshore processing and businesses supporting that such as a fuel depot, ship repairs and supplies, and net mending.

"We're talking between 2,000 to 5,000 jobs in this one industrial park area. It will bring new technologies into the Solomon Islands. We'll have a new development partner in the Korean government. There will be a lot more opportunities for local businesses."

Louisa Hodge-Kopa says a greater variety of goods could also come into Solomon Islands for sale.