23 May 2011

Sea Shepherd looks to help other Pacific Islands with marine surveillance

11:24 am on 23 May 2011

The conservation group, Sea Shepherd, says it's looking to work with a number of Pacific island governments to help bolster protection of their marine life.

This comes after Palau ended its agreement with the group for providing marine surveillance in its waters after receiving a counter offer from Japan.

Sea Shepherd is well known for trailing Japanese whaling ships in the southern oceans in an effort to stop whaling, but their intervention tactics have resulted in them being called terrorists by some in Japan .

Japanese officials offered to provide Palau with its own patrol vessel and financial support as an alternative to Sea Shepherd's involvement.

The group's president Paul Watson says the outcome is a positive one that has inspired them to approach other Pacific nations to offer help with marine surveillance.

"I think that these other nations will be quite receptive considering that we can tell them that Japan will probably try and break the agreement and make them a nice offer. Palau's given us a lot of inspiration that we can actually make a significant difference here. We have been in discussion with Tahiti and we will be approaching other nations like Cook Islands and Marshall Islands for example."