20 May 2011

Samoa opposition seeks review of bribery definition

8:16 am on 20 May 2011

Samoa's opposition Tautua Samoa party will ask the Government to clarify electoral laws to distinguish between traditional giving and bribery.

The party's caucus has elected Palusalue Faapo II leader, after the the former head, Vaai Papu Vailupe was found guilty of bribery and treating.

Palusalue says there is problems after every election.

He says the party believes that what was proved in court in Vaai Papu's case, was simply the leader's traditional obligations.

"I believe that we should look at amending the law, in order to address the cultural obligations of each candidate. We are in a process [with] the Electoral Commission, to look at these problems, we've got after every general election to make it clear, not only for candidates, but also in the process in the court."