20 May 2011

Choice between rationing or price hikes says American Samoa Power Authority

8:16 am on 20 May 2011

The American Samoa company responsible for the supply of electricity and water as well as rubbish collection says the introduction of higher charges is the only way to avoid rationing.

American Samoa Power Authority announced yesterday that new charges for water and rubbish collection will apply from April the first and be reflected in the next bill which is due out shortly.

The authority's customer services manager, Ryan Tuato'o, says the charges are the second in a series of incremental increases over which the public had a say.

"Not a new programme, it's not a new fee, we're just going through with our original plan that was approved, the governor okayed us, you know everything's fine, just continue full steam ahead because we want to have electricity on 24/7, we want to have water on 24/7. If we don't do these plans then we're jeopardising our sustainable utility services."