19 May 2011

Mara row may imperil 2014 Fiji election

1:35 pm on 19 May 2011

Questions are being raised in Fiji over whether the tensions surrounding the fleeing of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara to Tonga could could set back the process towards elections in 2014.

The Women's Crisis Centre in Fiji has already said there should be more openness at this time and called for the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations.

The Executive Director of Ecrea, which is an ecumenical advocacy organisation, Joseph Camillo, says the dialogue and progress civil society has been having with the interim regime appear to be moving forward:

"This situation with Mara and the current government may put things back or sort of stall elections, but I hope not, I am positive that our work on the ground with government and other stakeholders will still remain with the vision for the 2012 constitution and electoral reforms towards the elections will happen and I hope that doesn't change."

The Executive Director of Ecrea, Joseph Camillo