19 May 2011

Samoa's National University says students may be forced to look elsewhere

8:56 am on 19 May 2011

The National University of Samoa says it's possible students could be forced to look elsewhere for an education if it has to cap its numbers.

The university's Vice Chancellor says the growing student population is already stretching facilities such as lecture theatres, the library and the cafeteria.

Professor Le'apai Asofou So'o says he's working on a submission on capping numbers for the university council, which is likely to be considered by the Education Ministry and cabinet.

He says most of the university's budget comes from government and a lack of money is the main challenge to providing for increasing student numbers

"Every year we submit a budget to the government through the Ministry of Finance and we've never been given the same amount we asked for. There's nothing for capital development so any money that we save from operational costs we use for capital development in the university."

Professor Le'apai Asofou So'o says the submission should be complete by September.