18 May 2011

Fiji citizen's group sees good changes planned for constitution

8:23 pm on 18 May 2011

A group in Fiji involved in constitutional reform believes there are some good things planned for the new constitution.

The Solicitor General, Christopher Pryde, says work is due to start on a new constitution next year, three years after the constitution drawn up in 1997 was abrogated.

Proposals for voting to take place on one day, rather than being spread out over a number of days, have already been presented.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Citizen's Constitutional Forum, the Reverend Aquila Yabaki, says there are some good things being planned for the new constitution:

"I would celebrate a time when we would get rid of race-based voting so Fiji is equal with most other countries of the world and also reducing voting age to 18 years, it's been said that 200,000 new voters will be on the market."

The Reverend Yabaki says he is certain there will be elections in 2014.