18 May 2011

Fiji awaits reply from Tonga on extradition application for Mara

4:38 am on 18 May 2011

Fiji is awaiting a reply from Tonga after sending its prime minister an application for the extradition of Colonel Mara.

Colonel Mara is wanted to face sedition charges and fled Fiji for Tonga ten days ago.

Philippa Tolley has more from Suva:

"Fiji's Solicitor General, Christopher Pryde, says Tonga's extradition act states the Prime Minister has the authority to proceed on a case of extradition and he says the Fiji administration looks forward to the case being expedited. Meanwhile, Colonel Mara, who is being hosted by the Tongan royal household, has been speaking further about what he thinks should happen next. He told Radio New Zealand that New Zealand and Australia should show themselves to be the regional powers and take a stronger stance against Fiji's military regime. In an interview with the AAP news agency, he said there had been real talk about not holding elections in 2014 as promised by the interim regime. New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, says the Government does not plan to get involved in the tensions between Tonga and Fiji."