17 May 2011

Guam plans top museum to showcase Chamorro heritage

3:13 pm on 17 May 2011

There are plans for a new museum in Guam to be a world class facility aimed at strengthening cultural tourism.

The Guam government has mulled over the idea for decades, but has now got millions of dollars in bond proceeds which have been earmarked for culture and tourism-related infrastructure improvements, including a museum.

Guam's Chamarro Affairs Department is overseeing the project, and its president, Joseph Cameron, says it will cost 45 million US dollars and be built over three years.

While there's been much talk about the military buildup on the island, he says cultural tourism is much more sustainable for the local economy.

He says the museum will house much of Guam's Chamorro culture that dates back 4,000 years.

"We are looking at a world class museum, that will be accredited, and will stand the test of accreditation for the American Association of Museums. We're really excited about that opportunity, because with that comes basically cultural tourism."

Joseph Cameron