17 May 2011

Vanuatu's Vohor welcomes ruling ousting him

1:36 pm on 17 May 2011

The leader of Vanuatu's Union of Moderate Parties, Serge Vohor, has welcomed last Friday's court decision that his election as prime minister on April the 24th was unconstitutional.

Mr Vohor learned of the decision while representing Vanuatu at a summit of Least Developed Countries in Turkey.

On his return yesterday, he said the people of Vanuatu could be proud that the country's constitution was alive.

The Appeal Court ruled the vote of no confidence in Sato Kilman's administration was void because Mr Vohor's grouping had just 26 MPs in the 52 seat house and needed the support of 27 to make it valid.

Mr Kilman was re-instated as prime minister on Friday.