12 May 2011

Tahiti stirred by Temaru idea to halve public service pays

6:49 pm on 12 May 2011

A French Polynesian politician has challenged the president, Oscar Temaru, over his suggestion to halve the pay of public servants as his administration is in the grip of a financial crisis.

Sandra Levy-Agami, who is an independent assembly member, has issued a statement, saying nobody in the administration earns more than 12,000 US dollars a month as he has claimed.

She says discussions about the size and funding of the public service should not be used to stir up things.

Speaking at a public service conference in Tahiti thsi week, Mr Temaru revealed that he advised his government that about 180 million US dollars a year could be saved if pays were cut by half.

He says some public servants enjoy phenomenal salaries while the people have nothing.

The week-long conference follows a French report that calls for deep cuts including the closure of the Tourism Office, Tahitipresse and Tahiti Nui TV.