11 May 2011

PNG police seek identity of soldiers involved in weekend riot

7:19 pm on 11 May 2011

Police in Papua New Guinea are trying to identify the soldiers involved in a riot at a service station in Port Moresby which led to more than a million US dollars in damage over the weekend.

The deputy police commissioner, Fred Yakasa, says a fight broke out between three defence force personnel and another group near the Manu Autoport Service Station.

He says it turned ugly when the soldiers went back to their barracks and returned with about 20 more soldiers carrying weapons.

He says on their return shots were fired, the station was trashed, and staff got caught up in the exchange.

"We have some reports of damage in excessive of millions of kina but the other thing too, one or two staff were also hurt in the process, you know I think the damage is extensive."

Fred Yakasa says no one has been arrested yet and they're talking with the commander of the soldiers' barracks.