9 May 2011

Better communication needed in Pacific to deal with terrorism

11:13 am on 9 May 2011

A regional expert on security believes better communication between Pacific countries is key to dealing with terrorism.

The annual meeting has just been held in New Zealand of a Pacific counter-terrorism working group and it conducted an exercise to find out how different countries would respond to different terrorism scenarios.

The director of Political Governance and Security at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Rick Nimmo, says

from a very low level of Pacific compliance with international practice five years ago, there is significant progress.

But he says countries still need to improve they way they share information both externally and internally.

"It's very difficult to make sure that the information gets there in a timely manner, that the information is accurate and helpful. The way the information's requested could be key, whether it's simply intelligence-gathering or whether it's actually trying to build a case for prosecution. All these things need to be codified and worked out sort of away from the actual heat of the day when the incident's happening."