9 May 2011

Royal NZ Air Force Orion continues searches for missing teens off Kiribati

8:36 am on 9 May 2011

A NZ Air Force Orion will continue to search for a group of six , including children, who are missing off the coast of Kiribati.

They were on 3-metre outrigger canoe, which was towing a smaller dinghy, and haven't been seen since Friday.

The boats are believed to have drifted out of a lagoon and into the open ocean.

The Orion will start searching an area of about one thousand square nautical miles from mid-morning.

It was asked by the Kiribati authorities yesterday to assist a local search team.

The Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand says weather conditions in the region have been good and the boats are not expected to have drifted too far.