6 May 2011

Former Solomons' cabinet ministers charged over Chinatown riot suing government

3:01 pm on 6 May 2011

Three men accused of masterminding the Chinatown riot in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara in April 2006 are now suing the government.

The Solomon Star reports that Alex Bartlett, Charles Dausabea and Nelson Ne'e have filed a claim at the High Court suing the Government as a representative of the various State departments responsible for criminal prosecution.

Mr Dausabea and Mr Ne'e were MPs and Crown Ministers at the time of their arrest and detention over charges related to the riot.

Alex Bartlett was a businessman and former Minister for Foreign Affairs.

They claim they are entitled to compensation for wrongful arrest and detention as well as for defamation of character and reputation.

They claim their arrests were based on fabricated evidence given by prosecution witnesses, at least one of whom has since admitted receiving payment.