2 May 2011

Concern in Guam at spate of school suicides

7:15 pm on 2 May 2011

A teacher from a Guam school that's experienced a spate of suicides wants more help to deal with the issue.

Three former Southern High School students and another student from the area have committed suicide since the school year began last August.

Teacher Norma Santos says the school has not received help to try to prevent suicide in the past, or to assist families and friends to cope with their loss.

"We're all related here and with these four individuals who have lost their lives, they have many relatives, definitely friends here on our campus and the kids are left to talk amongst each other and try to grieve or help each other, but as for professional or adult, none that I have heard of."

Norma Santos says the mother of one victim was not told of services that could help her family, even though another of her children was placed on suicide watch after finding her daughter's body.