29 Apr 2011

Power and water restored to PNG capital following sabotage

3:16 pm on 29 April 2011

Power and water supplies to Papua New Guinea's capital have been restored following an act of sabotage by local landowners.

The National Capital District's governor, Powes Parkop, says electricity supply was restored last night and water supplies will return to normal today.

He says the owners of the land in the mountains overlooking Port Moresby where the water provision and electricity generation plants are cut city supplies for two days this week following the death of one of their young leaders.

Governor Parkop says the death inflamed a number of grievances the Koiari people have over negotiations with the national government for increased benefit from the utilities.

"One of their main concern in respect of the death is about peace and security of their people in the city. it could have been anybody else but for them the land in the city, most of the land in the city is traditionally owned by them so they can't accept and it's understandable that they should be you know feel threatened and even killed on their own land."

Governor Powes Parkop says if the outage had lasted any longer Port Moresby would have been in a state of major crisis.