28 Apr 2011

Birk to relinquish most of 'excessive' Tahiti assembly pay

7:06 pm on 28 April 2011

A French Polynesian assembly member, Sabrina Birk, who has been recalled after the last change of government, says she will give two thirds of her salary to charity.

Ms Birk tried to quit the assembly but has now decided to rescind her resignation and fight to end privileges and perks enjoyed by the politicians.

She says in the face of growing unemployment and poverty her base salary of more than 7,700 US dollars a month is too high.

Ms Birk says politicians, whose pays get topped up by allowances, need to lead by example and therefore she'll give most of her pay to charity.

"It's very excessive what we earn; we have the same salary as a French deputy."

Sabrina Birk