28 Apr 2011

PNG mining woes prompt protest in Canada

3:52 pm on 28 April 2011

About 200 people are in Canada to voice their opposition to the mining company Barrick Gold ignoring abuse and human rights violations at the Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

This year marks the fourth year that opposing groups have gone to Barrick Gold's AGM to raise their concerns, but they've been barred from attending the meeting.

Barrick Gold, which is the largest gold miner in the world, has been mentioned in many studies on human rights abuses and environmental devastation in countries including the Philippines, Tanzania and Australia.

Natalie Lowrey, from the Friends of the Earth Australia, is among those campaigning for a halt to Barrick Gold's practices which she says destroy indigenous people's land.

"It's destroying sacred areas and destroying their environment. And so coming to Canada to be able to let Barrick Gold know and shareholders know that there are communities who dont want them on their land. And really confronting Barrick. They are a huge corporation in many companies right around the world and there are many communities really suffering at the hands of Barrick Gold."

Friends of the Earth Australia's Natalie Lowrey.