27 Apr 2011

Birk move imperils French Polynesia assembly majority

7:22 pm on 27 April 2011

The one-vote majority of French Polynesia's new government is at risk after an assembly member, Sabrina Birk, revisited her decision to quit the assembly.

Last year, she left the Union For Democracy but after a change of government this month her list placing meant she was recalled to her assembly seat.

Bureaucratic problems prevented her then from officially getting off the assembly list - in what is believed to have been the assembly's first resignation.

However, she has now decided to stay on, without saying if she will be an independent or rejoin her old party.

Ms Birk says people close to her urged her to resume her assembly role as she has been critical of the political class and its privileges.

She says she will work towards reducing the perks of assembly members and setting up a commission to deal with problems caused by personal debt.