26 Apr 2011

American Samoa to improve cyber security

8:07 am on 26 April 2011

The American Samoa government is drafting legislation to improve cyber security.

The newly appointed head of the government's IT department, Easter Asi Bruce, says the legislation would not only cover cyber security but also intellectual property, software and copyright.

Recently the government had to shut down its email system after it discovering that users had visited a lot of unauthorised sites.

Easter Asi Bruce says there is a sense of urgency to address it now.

"The reality is we are still US soil, there are still enemies of the US out there, that are just looking for an open door through a network to sneak through to the US and be able to do damage and we still need to have our guard."

Easter Asi Bruce.

The changes comes as the government increases its marketing of the territory as a site for business call centres.