26 Apr 2011

Ousted Vanuatu government plans legal challenge of no-confidence motion

8:11 am on 26 April 2011

Vanuatu's ousted government plans to file a constitutional petition against the Speaker of Parliament's decision to accept the Easter Sunday motion of no-confidence to remove Sato Kilman.

His group is also considering lodging a motion of no-confidence in the new government of Serge Vohor who was elected as Prime Minister following the motion was passed.

The ousted Finance Minister, Moana Carcasses, says there was an inconsistency in the extra-ordinary session of parliament when only 26 voted to oust Mr Kilman but 27 voted for Mr Vohor as the new Prime Minister

"Because the constitution of Vanuatu is speaking about an absolute majority of the members of parliament. And my understanding of an absolute majority in Vanuatu's parliament is that it should be 27 [MPs out of the total 52]. The speaker ruled that the motion passed - we are contesting that. So we are challenging that in court. We are going to launch a constitutional petition regarding that matter so that the court can give us a clear decision about this issue."

Moana Carcasses