26 Apr 2011

NGO in Fiji welcomes new abuse reporting law

8:06 am on 26 April 2011

Save the Children Fiji says it is hoping a new decree on mandatory reporting of child abuse will prompt parents and caregivers to be more accountable when caring for children.

Cabinet endorsed the Child Welfare Decree 2010 two weeks ago, under which doctors will be required to report any suspected cases of child abuse.

The Child Rights Manager of Save the Children, Sosaia Tapueluelu, says some of the main welfare problems faced by children is neglect, and physical and emotional abuse at home and school.

He hopes the decree will act as a prevention measure, guarding against that type of abuse.

"This will bring more responsibility to people, not only parents but people who look after children, people who are working with children. So this way the decree view would help them be more responsible and take more extra care when looking after children."

Sosaia Tapueluelu says Save the Children now hopes there is wide consultation of the decree, to ensure everyone across the country is made aware of it.