22 Apr 2011

PNG police say eleven killed in tribal fight as a result of high-powered guns

6:10 am on 22 April 2011

Police in Papua New Guinea say the use of high-powered guns has resulted in the deaths of eleven people in a tribal fight in the Southern Highlands.

The Assistant Police Commissioner Simon Kauba told the National newspaper many people are unaccounted for, while others were wounded during the fight in the Kagua-Erave district.

He says many people from the warring Kandine and Mui tribes were killed within a short time because of the use of high-powered guns.

The Assistant Police Commissioner is appealing to tribal leaders to encourage people to lay down their arms and work with police and a provincial peace mediation team to restore peace.

The fight started two weeks ago over the death of a senior public servant from the Kandine tribe.

The Kandine blamed Mui for the death and killed six of them.

The Mui retaliated and killed three people from the Kandine tribe.