21 Apr 2011

Cook Islands government urged not to neglect infrastructure following summit

1:36 pm on 21 April 2011

The president of the Cook Islands Workers Association says the government must focus on improving roads and water quality before it starts work on the initiatives from last week's economic summit.

The event brought together members of the public, the business community and Cabinet Ministers to discuss initiatives to develop the economy.

Anthony Turua says he takes his hat off to the government for eliciting public comment on economic development but says it's set some ambitious targets.

"To increase the number of tourism and to increase the number of and opening some of the business markets you need to improve the infrastructure, you need to improve water, you need to improve roading before you can embark on some of these ambitious ideas to drive the country in terms of economic development."

Anthony Turua says it's good to have a commitment from government not to lay off public servants but whether it adheres to it is another matter.