21 Apr 2011

Samoa and UNDP sign agreement to protect forests from climate change

8:21 am on 21 April 2011

The government of Samoa and the United Nations Development Programme have signed a four million US dollar agreement to help protect the country's forests from the impact of climate change.

The UNDP's resident representative, Nileema Noble, says they want to build the resilience of the sector and help communities to use their resources sustainably.

She says the government has identified forestry as the second most at risk sector from climate change.

Ms Noble says the new fund will allow the government to demonstrate new agroforestry practices to more than 16,000 people in about 16 villages around the country.

"There will be demonstration sites in different areas that will allow the communities to better understand the risks and then be better prepared to deal with the risks of climate and sustain their livelihoods. This is what is happening I mean through community nurseries, conservation areas etc etc. and there's a whole slew of activities that will demonstrate different kinds of practices that will make the communities far more adaptable if you will."

Nileema Noble.