20 Apr 2011

Paris to discuss French Polynesia electoral reform this week

7:03 am on 20 April 2011

Reports from Paris say the reform of French Polynesia's electoral system will be on the agenda of today's government meeting for it to be then debated under urgency by the two houses of the legislature.

The reform, which is the fourth produced by Paris since 2004, is expected to be adopted before the French summer break although no election is scheduled before 2013.

The reports say the number of assembly members will be kept at 47 but that the number of electorates will be reduced by one to five.

They say the winning list will secure a third of all seats as a bonus.

The reports say it is likely that parties need to win at least ten percent of the vote in the first round to make it onto the run-off round.

The reform follows prolonged political instability, with the last change of government taking place at the beginning of this month.