19 Apr 2011

New cable will deliver faster internet speed in Vanuatu

9:08 pm on 19 April 2011

A new 30 million US dollar cable system is expected to bring significant benefits to Vanuatu's economy.

Interchange Limited, which is a Vanuatu-based company, has signed a landmark agreement with a French company to deploy the country's first international submarine cable system.

The Director of Interchange, Juris Gulbis, says it will link Port Vila and Suva in Fiji and deliver over 200 times Vanuatu's current capacity.

He says it will transform the way businesses operate.

"Advantages to Vanuatu businesses will be electronic and on-line trading, internet gaming, faster access to server connections, implementation and improvement in inter-government communications, obviously it's very attractive to foreign investors coming into Vanuatu as they'll have the connection with the rest of the world."

Juris Gulbis says they expect to launch the cable later next year.