18 Apr 2011

Sea Shepherd sees potential win/win situation in Japan offer to Palau

3:43 pm on 18 April 2011

Sea Shepherd says it's yet to hear from the Palau government about reports that it's reconsidering an agreement to have the conservation group patrol its waters after receiving a counter offer from Japan.

Palau's president says that after hearing about the agreement with Sea Shepherd, Japan offered to send its own patrol vessel, describing the conservation group as terrorists.

Johnson Toribiong says he's weighing up the options and wants to resolve potential diplomatic issues.

Sea Shepherd president, Paul Watson, says he has sent a message to president Toribiong;

"Saying that if Japan is willing to give them a patrol boat, and the funding to run that patrol boat, and if it,s independent of Japanese control, then by all means take that offer. Then we will have accomplished something very real here which is we would have helped them get that patrol boat, because Japan will respond that way. And if that happens then maybe we'll move on to the Cook Islands and Tahiti and other places, maybe we can get a patrol boat to all those places from Japan."

Paul Watson.