18 Apr 2011

Vanuatu government lobbies ahead of no-confidence vote

1:55 pm on 18 April 2011

The government of Sato Kilman in Vanuatu lured at least one defector back into its coalition at the weekend as it prepares to face a motion of no-confidence.

The opposition, led by Edward Natapei, last week filed the motion against the government, claiming it had the support of 27 of the country's 52 MPs.

Johnny Blades reports.

"Opposition MPs and a handful of government defectors have been hiding at a resort outside Port Vila since last week. The opposition's determined that the group should stay away from government enticements, accusing the coalition of bribery in defeating a previous motion against Mr Kilman. However the government has been busy lobbying any MPs it can reach and has lured back Alfred Carlot, one of three Vanuatu Republican Party MPs who despite being part of the coalition, signed the opposition's motion last week. Mr Carlot is now Minister of Lands. But with his party still split, the Republicans appear to hold the balance of power ahead of Thursday's vote."