15 Apr 2011

Fiji eyes changes to fight corruption

4:17 pm on 15 April 2011

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption says it believes a few legislative changes are still needed to reinforce its powers to prosecute corruption in the country.

FICAC, which was set up after the last military coup, has been in operation for four years and has achieved 27 convictions.

The latest came this week, with a leading Fiji businessmen, Mahendra Patel, the 71-year-old head of Motibhai Limited, sentenced to a year in jail for abuse of office in his role as Fiji Post chairman.

FICAC's spokesperson Erica Lee says their fight against corruption is gaining momentum.

She says Fiji was recently reviewed by the OECD/ADB anti-corruption initiative:

"The report came out and said we do need to have some changes to our legislation in terms of fighting corruption. They had made suggestions on stronger legislation for bribery of foreign officials. So there are still some amendments that could take place to our legislation."

Erica Lee