14 Apr 2011

UN climate talks going around in circles, says Tuvalu

1:29 pm on 14 April 2011

Tuvalu has urged delegates at this week's United Nations climate talks in Bangkok to focus solely on the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

These are the first major talks after last December's session in Cancun ended with an agreement on a US$100 billion climate fund.

Poorer nations are applying pressure on rich countries to pledge deeper carbon cuts and demanding that the world's main climate treaty be extended from 2013.

The Reuters news agency reports that Tuvalu's delegate Ian Fry told the gathering it appears climate talks are going around in circles and making no progress.

He says Tuvalu is concerned there is no guarantee that there will be a Kyoto Protocol at the end of this year.

Mr Fry urged nations that did not support an extension of Kyoto to leave the room, triggering applause.

Japan, Canada and Russia say they are opposed to extending the pact from 2013.

The US never ratified Kyoto and says it will never join it.