12 Apr 2011

Cost of rioting in Kimbe will soar, says PNG local govt official

7:09 pm on 12 April 2011

A local government official in Papua New Guinea says the cost of rioting in the town of Kimbe last weekend will run into more than a million kina.

Police say the rioting began after the clan of a man who died while being taken into custody by their officers came in to the town to protest at his death.

Garvasius Rovi, from the office of the West New Britain provincial administrator, says they're still trying to establish the total cost of damage to shops and other property, but it will be very high.

"Two shops they were totally destroyed, one was set on fire, all the goods in it were stolen. The other was ransacked, everything in their was taken away, and the others, the youths who came in they throw stones and some of the doors were broken into and took all the things in there."

Garvasius Rovi says a treasury building was also burnt down, and banks and a post office were stoned.