8 Apr 2011

Huge interest in royal wedding from young Samoans

3:49 am on 8 April 2011

Samoa Broadcasting's managing director says there's huge interest in this year's British royal wedding among local people.

The comment follows an announcement from TVNZ that it's going to provide free live coverage of the event, which takes place in London at 11am on April the 29th, to 13 Pacific countries under it's pacific service contract.

Galumalemana Faiasea Matafeo says she thinks there'll be more interest in the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton than there was in the wedding of the prince's father and Lady Diana Spencer almost 30 years ago.

"Because they're young couple and our viewers are mostly young people and they want to see something positive coming out fo the royal family today after all the bad publicity that they've had over the years starting with that royal divorce that was widely publicised."

Galumalemana Faiasea Matafeo says as Samoa's still part of the Commonwealth people remain interested in the royal family.