7 Apr 2011

Health workers in PNG use tv in fight to curb cholera

7:24 am on 7 April 2011

Public health workers in Papua New Guinea are using television in the fight to curb cholera, which has claimed more than 600 lives in the country in the past 20 months.

The NGO Oxfam, in partnership with the PNG Health Department, will from tonight run 3 minute long advertisements educating the public in cholera prevention.

The ads, which follow the latest outbreak, in Bougainville, where more than 100 people have been affected, feature demonstrations such as hand washing and boiling water.

Oxfam's Pacific humanitarian co-ordinator, Jennifer Worthington, says there're a number of reasons the disease is still not under control.

"I think access to water is one. And then also about management of household water. It's also about access to basic hygiene and hygiene practices. Maybe there wasn't enough consistent information and education about that. It's also about nationwide there needs to be a considered effort to have a national eradication, sort of, approach."

Oxfam's Pacific humanitarian co-ordinator, Jennifer Worthington.