6 Apr 2011

Pacific communities urged to treated disabled with respect

9:12 pm on 6 April 2011

The CEO of the Pacific Disability Forum is urging communities to treat disabled people with more support and respect, and says a change in attitude is what's needed.

Setareki Macanawai says there are still obstacles, like being unheard or unseen in societies, and dealing with negative attitudes and stereotypes.

He says inaccessible environments and bad accessways to buildings and homes, or being low or non existent in national priorities for governments, is also difficult.

But Setareki Macanawai says disabled people just want to be a valued part of society.

"Just focusing on the person, on the human being, and the disability as a secondary matter. And [be a] supportive person and family member all the way through, until he or she reaches their actual potential in life."

Pacific Disability Forum CEO, Setareki Macanawai