6 Apr 2011

NZ's McCully restates need for more value from overseas aid programme in Pacific

7:26 am on 6 April 2011

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has reiterated the need for the country's overseas aid programme to give value for taxpayers' money, particularly in the Pacific region.

In a speech to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Mr McCully described the 48 million US cost of administering the government's more than 384 million US dollar aid budget as too high.

He has signalled a continuing emphasis on economic development and trade by his government in its aid programmes in the Pacific where, he told the Institute, New Zealand is yet to see enough efficiency in its aid expenditure.

While Mr McCully says New Zealand has had some successes in its bilateral programmes in the Pacific, there are still many challenges.

He counts among the challenges countries like Solomon Islands where New Zealand has spent almost 307 million US dollar in the past decade.