6 Apr 2011

Cook Islands director of audit cleared of criminal wrongdoing

7:29 am on 6 April 2011

The Cook Islands Director of Audit, Paul Allsworth, has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing following a police investigation into a complaint made in July last year.

The complaint was laid by former financial secretary, Sholan Ivaiti, who accused Mr Allsworth of criminal misconduct, saying he'd overpaid himself bonuses and that his salary review was improper.

Commissioner of Police, Maara Tetava, describes the investigation by the Fraud Unit as comprehensive but says there's insufficient evidence to prosecute the case.

Mr Allsworth had said from the beginning the allegations were baseless and were a backlash after his investigation of the failed government attempt to buy the Toa fuel farm.

Mr Ivaiti was financial secretary at the time of the fiasco which became known as Toagate, and which cost the government millions of dollars.