5 Apr 2011

Tonga union puts police spat down to a misuunderstanding

2:50 pm on 5 April 2011

Tonga's Public Service Association says a spat between police rank and file and the commissioner was a misunderstanding and has been cleared up after it intervened.

Petitions signed by about a third of the force had pressed for the commissioner, New Zealander Chris Kelley, to be removed, over concerns about the new Police Act, particularly how it applied to promotions.

The PSA president, Vili Vete, says they were asked to help and had a fruitful meeting involving the officers and Mr Kelley with the union acting as interpreter.

He says parts of the legislation will now be reviewed, officers will work with the human resources section to reduce grievances over promotions and a police association is to be established.

"I think it's a just a misunderstanding in them, I think in the promotions and things. I am not completely sure what actually happened in there but as far as after the thing has settled down, they all are satisfied."

The PSA president, Vili Vete