4 Apr 2011

Samoa church leader renews call to end Sunday trading

1:26 pm on 4 April 2011

Samoa's government has been called on by a church official to stop the rising number of Chinese-owned businesses from operating on Sundays.

An official with the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa, the Reverend Elder Eteuati Pasia, says he's still concerned that more of these Chinese stores are treating Sundays like just another business working day.

Since last year, he says he's been calling for these stores to respect Samoa's culture of having one day of rest and worship, but nothing has changed.

"Some Chinese try to change our custom of going to church on Sunday. It's not quite suitable for the Samoan people. 12"

The Reverend Elder Eteuati Pasia says he's calling for Samoa's newly formed cabinet to look closely at how these Chinese businesses are operating.

In January, the prime minister said everyone's rights to observe or not to observe Sunday is guaranteed under the constitution.

He said it was not for the government to impose a ban through legislation because once such a ban is imposed it means no businesses or even work should be done on Sunday.