4 Apr 2011

Vanuatu wins beach volleyball exhibition clash with Australia

10:07 am on 4 April 2011

Vanuatu's leading beach volleyball team have beaten a visiting Australian duo in an exhibition clash in Port Vila.

Henriette Iatika and Miller Elwin, who are aiming to qualify for next years London Olympics, beat Australia's fourth-ranked women's team in straight sets, 21-13 21-18.

Their coach, Lauren McLeod, says the hitout was a good confidence booster ahead of the opening round of the World Tour in China later this month, and was also a good chance for local supporters to see them in action.

"Just to know that they're on track and everything's working - all the practice they've been putting in - they're gonna get some results. We're going to be halfway around the world until basically September so it was really good for the girls to be infront of their family and friends and let et everyone - including the community - actually see what they look like. Because we play away so much a lot of the supporters - people behind the team - have never really gotten to see the girls play."