1 Apr 2011

Solomons PM returns to face no-confidence motion

10:51 am on 1 April 2011

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister is returning home early from the Melanesian Spearhead Group Summit after the opposition filed a motion of no confidence in his government.

The opposition filed the motion after a former Prime Minister Derek Sikua replaced Steve Abana as opposition leader.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says the opposition does not appear to have the numbers to topple the government, but there are suspicions that MPs who recently switched to the government side may only have done so to support the passing of the budget.

She says the Prime Miniser Danny Philip will be looking to shore up his coalition when he returns.

"First up I think he needs to get this budget through first, I think that's the priority for all of them and then after that maybe solidify his position in terms of numbers before this motion of no confidence goes through."