31 Mar 2011

Landowners' protest closes a Papua New Guinea LNG development site

8:19 pm on 31 March 2011

The chairman of a landowners group at ExxonMobil's Hides 4 liquified natural gas development says the project won't go smoothly until the multinational company gives landowners contracts.

Chris Payabe of the Hides 4 umbrella landowners association says ExxonMobil and a contracting company involved with the project, Curtain Clough Joint Venture or CCJV, promised it would award contracts for work such as catering and maintenance to a landowners' company.

But he says it's given those contracts to outsiders and as a result his association shut down work at the site a week ago.

"If they don't give a contract to the landowner company then I think the project won't go smooth. If CCJV and ExxonMobil don't give contract to the landowner company there will be futher problems at the project site."

Chris Payabe says ExxonMobil has until April the 15th to sort out a contract for the landowners company.