31 Mar 2011

CNMI budget may see 300 jobs go

9:55 am on 31 March 2011

Some 300 fulltime employee positions in the Northern Mariana's fiscal year 2011 budget, will be slashed from the estimated 120 million US dollar spending plan for 2012, which the Fitial administration will try to finalize today.

The administration has only until tomorrow to submit its budget plan to the Legislature.

The Governor's Press secretary, Angel Demapan, says that it is highly unlikely that the estimated 120 million dollar budget will change after Fitial convenes the governor's council today.

The estimated 300 jobs removed are a combination of vacant positions and positions that were included, but not funded in the 2011 budget.

Governor Fitial said streamlining or reducing the number of positions and employees will now be an alternative rather than a last resort because of the further drop in revenue, especially considering the impact of the Japan quake and tsunami on the CNMI economy.