28 Mar 2011

Arrests over assault of Vanuatu newspaper publisher

6:50 pm on 28 March 2011

Vanuatu police have reportedly made some arrests over the alleged assault of the Daily Post publisher Marc Neil-Jones by a government minister and his supporters.

Mr Neil-Jones says he was assaulted earlier this month after Public Utilities Minister Harry Iauko led a group of men into his office to take issue with an article about him.

Following complaints by the publisher about the lack of action over the assault, local media reports say police have arrested up to four suspects.

"That's the latest we've been told, that there have been a number of arrests. And I voiced my concern: well, what is happening with charges against the Minister? Because without the minister there, there wouldn't have been an assault. And they [police] have told me he's currently undergoing medical treatment in Australia and is likely to be charged on his return."

Marc Neil-Jones there are many witnesses who can vouch for the Minister's role in his assault.