28 Mar 2011

Vanuatu police chief attacks Transparency International head

7:56 pm on 28 March 2011

The Vanuatu police commissioner, Joshua Bong, is putting pressure on the watchdog group, Transparency International, to remove its president after she slammed his and the police force's performance.

Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson has been critical of police inaction, particularly in the wake of two reports that called for major changes in the force.

Don Wiseman has more:

"Mrs Ferrieux Patterson has also been critical of what she sees as the politicisation of the public prosecutor's office. She said if political corruption isn't dealt with the country could face a coup. Mr Bong says her statement could led to unrest in Vanuatu and the breakdown of the government, as well as discourage foreign investment. He calls her statements provocative and threatening and says she should be replaced as president of TIV by a ni-Vanuatu, who, he says, would better understand Vanuatu culture. Mrs Ferrieux Patterson doesn't resile from the comments. She says communication is the way to overcome contentious issues and ensure a stable and flourishing Vanuatu."